Jorge Verdera

Product Manager, Software Engineer

I've always liked technology in the broader sense of the word. Starting with the lawn mower that I took apart when I was 2, to servicing and repairing my motorcycle when I was a teenager.

My first contact with internet was in the 90s, and since then I've been interested in all kind of technologies. I installed and compiled my first Linux kernel in 2000, I learned to configure Cisco routers and switches shortly after, and I designed some websites using HTML and CSS.

However, I didn't start writing code more seriously until 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic started. I learned SwiftUI and started building apps for iOS. Recently, I also learned React and Next.js as I needed more powerful tools to build dynamic websites.

Today, I'm working on several projects, including React Native mobile apps, eCommerce websites, and a few other things.